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Who Can Vend?

We welcome Producers of all scales

Vendors of all types of products are welcome.

We don't prohibit vendors based on any reason.  We only require full transparency in production practices and fair pricing in relation to consumers and other producers.

Internet not a good option?  We can help or manage your profile.


Ownership helps us grow as a market and implement cooperative development initiatives.

Producers can sell ownership-free until $500 gross sales level at which point you would need to become an owner to continue selling. (exceptions may apply).

Ownership is not required to Buy or Sell

How it Works

1.  Fill out the Producer Application 

2. We'll get your profile started.

3. Look out for an email from us to get you oriented.

4.  Producers manage inventory, pricing,

and choose an aggregation option.

5. Producers get a picklist weekly, and get product to us by their aggregation option.

5.  Patchwork staff will pack and deliver orders 

6. Producer payouts are every other week.

 Currently patchwork takes 22% comission on sales to cover marketing, aggregation & packing costs. 


We aim to put the most of the customers dollar in

Producers' hands.  Producer owners can affect commissions, policy and protocol by participating in decision making.

Find out the latest policy & protocol:


Aggregation Options

We pickup from farmers markets in and around Asheville on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. 

Drop Off Aggregation Options: 

Patchwork Hub - N Louisiana Ave, w avl

Winter Greens Farm - Canton

Honey and the Hive - Weaverville

Pickup Aggregation Options: 

RAD Farmers' Market

Weaverville Tailgate Market

Honey & the Hive, Weaverville

WAVL Tailgate Market

Cooperative Marketplaces --

The Future

Patchwork Online Market is only the first layer of shared marketing Patchwork aims to establish. 

Despite grocery businesses having good intentions, the structure of the business of grocery itself, forces an inventory that is not local, that is in fact, in competition with local makers & producers.

We believe it's key for producers to have Cooperatively owned and managed - Multi-Vendor Groceries, Pop-up Markets and Wholesale Sellers Pools tied to Shared-Risk Contract Grows.

Check out the Quilting Club to join the discussion for paths to an empowered food economy.

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