Producer Spotlight: Stephanie Vinat of The AppaLatin Farmstead

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

Stephanie Vinat and her husband, Jeremiah Batla, run The AppaLatin Farmstead, a small organic farm focused on Latin American cuisine. They started the farm after leaving comfortable finance jobs in Los Angeles and traveling through Latin America to reconnect with Stephanie's Cuban and Puerto Rican Roots. They obtained their certificates in permaculture design and developed a passion for food justice.

Stephanie took the time to talk to us about her experience and how the farm got started. Listen to the interview below, or scroll down to find the transcript. The AppaLatin Farmstead's aji amarillo paste, a traditional Peruvian chili sauce which Stephanie profiles in the interview, is on sale in our market now!



Kade: Well, I guess to start from the top, how are you doing today, Stephanie?

Stephanie: I'm great, thank you. I'm ready for spring, but other than that I'm really well.

Kade: All right. So let's get started. Can you tell me about yourself a little bit, and your farm, for anybody who doesn't know?