Kat Savage and Elliot Patterson of Savor Shrub Bitters Talk Cocktail Mixers

Kat Savage and Elliot Patterson, the humans behind Savor Shrub Bitters, make "concentrated, probiotic, fermented, non-alcoholic cocktail and mocktail mixers." These tasty, creative spritzers add instant flavor to any drink--and they're good for you, too! Bitters have a long history as digestive aids, and some of Savor Shrub's creations might even help you dodge a hangover.

Kat started Savor Shrub Bitters in the winter of 2019, intending at that time to sell mainly to restaurants and bars. After Covid hit, plans changed. The fledgling company pivoted on a dime, restructuring their business plan and launching an online sales platform to accommodate the shifting landscape. In the interview below, Kat and Elliot called in to talk to us about their business and the delicious, creative products they make. Listen below or scroll down for the transcript!

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Kade: If you would, would you both just tell me a little bit about yourselves for people who may have never heard of you? What do you make and what do you do?

Kat: Sure, yeah. My name is Kat Savage, and my business partner is on the line with us, too.

Elliot: Hi, I'm Elliot Patterson.

Kat: Yeah, and together we make Savor Shrub Bitters. It's a craft cocktail and mocktail mixer. We're here in the Asheville area, and our business is about a year old.