All You Need To Know About Producer Ownership

Whether you are a current or prospective producer with the Patchwork Alliance Cooperative, this is for you!

Today we know our local economy is not strong enough to:

  • Feed our region

  • Affect disparities in resource and market access

  • Be a stronghold in case of broad scale economic depression

  • Be accessible to producers of all scales

  • Be accessible to consumers of all means

Only we can empower ourselves to cooperatively:

  • Plan and implement a region wide food system

  • Create systems to affect access issues, including food, land, equipment, and other resources for both consumers and producers

  • Plan and experiment in alternative economic models

  • Support each other as producers in the way of skill and resource sharing, education, surplus management and equal access to market

  • Create dialogue between consumers and producers in order to address the market’s needs

If this resonates with you, you are exactly who we are looking to collaborate with!

But how exactly does Patchwork Alliance work?

In this video Sunil, founder and worker-owner, shares everything you need to know about producer ownership at Patchwork Alliance!