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Thanks for your interest in becoming an Owner of Patchwork Alliance.  Choose a payment plan that suits you below.  

Owner Agreement + Articles & Bylaws

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Become an Owner

$200 stakes available

  • Full Payment

    One-time Payment
  • Payment Plan

    Every month
    For 36 months
    Valid for 36 months
  • Payment Plan

    Every month
    for 20 months
    Valid for 20 months
  • $67 Payment Plan

    Every year
    for 3 years
    Valid for 3 years
  • Payment Plan

    Every year
    for 2 years
    Valid for 2 years
  • Payment Plan

    Every month
    4 months
    Valid for 4 months

By purchasing a payment plan you are agreeing to the Owner Agreement. Payments will continue automatically until $200 is reached, or he payment plan is suspended or canceled. You will not receive automatic billing notices.

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