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Why Ownership?

Anyone Can Shop -- Anyone Can Join

Cooperative ownership builds community wealth and supports local businesses through resource sharing, transparency, and a common purpose.  Patchwork is creating the platforms and venues for producers and shoppers across the region to connect more easily and effectively.   While cooperatively owning our marketplace we can take steps TOGETHER, to create useful and mutually beneficial economic relationships.

Ownership Benefits

  • Discount on purchases.

  • One vote in all matters submitted to a vote of the membership, including Board of Directors elections. 

  • Eligibility for patronage dividends. (A form of profit sharing following a profitable fiscal year.) 

  • Right to run for an open seat on the Board of Directors or standing committees. 

  • Right to attend annual or special meetings. 

  • Right to attend open sessions of the Board of Directors.

Cost of Ownership

One Ownership Share = $500 equity stakes


You can pay in installments:  

Monthly payments - $10/month

Annual payments - $100/yr

Or pay in full: 

Full Ownership Share Investment - $500

To Shop as an Owner

Just register and start shopping!  You'll be prompted to choose one of the Ownership Paths above when you place your first order.


Please Note: You can also choose a "Shopper" Membership type to forego Ownership.

Wait, there are more ways to become an Owner!

Our Workers and Producers are Owners in Patchwork Alliance alongside our Consumers.  Find out more.

Paths to Worker - Ownership

Patchwork-Trade Path - For those that prefer to contribute toward ownership through work trade.

Paid Position Path -  For those that can contribute Equity Stakes in Monthly, Annual, or Full Share Purchase Payments, and be paid for their time on an hourly or contract basis.

Worker Owners can work towards ownership with a combination of the above Paths as well!

Worker Owners enjoy a deeper discount on products when shopping in the Market.

Apply to become a


We have many roles to fill in Packing, Delivery, Producer Relations, Consumer Relations, Marketing, Payroll, Bookeeping, Grant writing, Fundraising, and more! 

 Positions Available now

Distribution Coordinator

Online Market Coordinator

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