Why Ownership?

Anyone Can Shop -- Anyone Can Join

Cooperative ownership builds community wealth and supports local businesses through resource sharing, transparency, and a common purpose. Patchwork connects producers and shoppers across our region with a collectively-run, easy-to-use platform. By cooperatively owning our marketplace, we can take steps together to build a mutually-beneficial WNC economy.

Ownership Benefits

  • No handling fees  or order minimums on pickup orders

  • Eligibility for patronage dividends. (A form of profit-sharing following a profitable fiscal year).

  • A vote in organizational decisions, including Board of Directors elections

  • Right to run for a seat on a committee or the Board of Directors

  • Right to attend annual or special meetings. 

  • Right to attend open sessions of the Board of Directors.

Producer-Owners enjoy the above benefits and more

Please note:  Once an owner has purchased a full ownership share, through a payment plan or full payment,  there is no obligation to continue paying into one’s capital account in order to continue participating as an owner.  Ownership is forever!

Cost of Ownership

One Ownership Share = $200

You can pay in installments:

$5.56/month for 36 months

$10/month for 20 months

$100/year for 2 years

$67/year for 3 years

Or pay in full:

$200 full payment


Not ready for ownership?

Shop as a guest!

Need to Pause your Payment Plan?

Ready for Ownership? Here's how:

Use the link below to sign up for a payment plan or buy your whole share up-front: 

Then go ahead and start shopping! 


If you need help getting started don't hesitate to email support@patchworkalliance.com

Producer Ownership - Benefits

  • A Producer Page on Patchwork Online Market with on-call support for technical assistance, and pricing considerations

  • Marketing services for the Market as a whole 

  • A Producer relations team who facilitate promotions, shout-outs and special notes about Producers. 

  • Options for Delivery and/or Pickup of goods you sell through  the market

  • Reach consumers with food and resource access challenges

  • Participate in Profit Distributions

  • Participate in Governance

  • Participate in the formation of Networks


Already an owner, or just looking for something productive to do with your time?



We could always use some extra help! Volunteering with Patchwork Alliance is a great way to support regional growers, crafters, and makers while giving back to your community.

We have many roles to fill in Packing, Delivery, Producer Relations, Consumer Relations, Marketing, Grant writing, Fundraising, and more!