Patchwork Alliance will be holding an Expo on August 13-14, 2021!

Come discover the finest in regionally-produced gifts, foods, household goods, textiles, herbal products, crafts, and so much more! Learn about vending or register as a wholesale buyer, or else just come poke around! The Expo will be fun and free to attend, featuring two days of live music and an array of food trucks in addition to all the high-quality local products you can handle.

Vend in the Patchwork Online Market

Patchwork is Asheville's virtual year-round direct to consumer marketplace. Our market gives producers an instant online presence and access to a broad, ready-made audience of local customers. All you have to do to get your products listed is apply and join our co-op as an Owner.

To get started, fill out a producer application and we'll be in touch to walk you through the rest.

Want to know more? Read our FAQ or check out these links:

Vend at the Patchwork Expo

Patchwork Expo, taking place August 13-14 from 10am to 5pm, will showcase the bounty, excellence, and diversity of products made and grown in our region.
Our Expo will connect producers and buyers to build a strong Southern Appalachian regional network. We're seeking all kinds of producers in and around Southern Appalachia who want to grow their market and connect with potential buyers and wholesale retailers.
Vendors will be selling everything from clothing to household goods to farm-fresh meat, veggies, and dairy products, so don't hesitate to apply because "you don't make the right stuff!"
For specific info about booth pricing, go here, or visit the Patchwork Expo Homepage for all the other nitty-gritty details.

Vend/Buy Wholesale With Patchwork 

Wholesale Vendors

Our upcoming Expo is an awesome market opportunity for wholesale vendors of all types and varieties. Network with potential buyers and other vendors from all over Southern and Central Appalachia!

If you're interested in selling wholesale through Patchwork Online Market, want to hear from you! Please fill out our Online Market Producer Application. Our wholesale market is in the fledgling stages of its conception, but we'll be in touch as we grow!  

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Wholesale Buyers

Do you have a restaurant, grocery store, or other business requiring high-quality wholesale quantities of local goods? Our upcoming Expo is an opportunity to meet producers of all kinds of goods from all over Central and Southern Appalachia. Vendors at the Expo will feature high-quality products ranging from clothes and gifts to herbal goods and farm-made meat, veggies, and dairy products.

Register as a wholesale buyer at our Expo!

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