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Our Mission | A Shared Goal

Patchwork Alliance is a co-op for local growers, crafters, service-providers, and makers of all stripes. We're building a stronger WNC by providing independent producers with ownership in a shared marketplace that connects them with regional residents who want local, fresh, and natural products, and who value community-owned agriculture, local economy, and cultural diversity.

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Sunil Patel

Founder & Steering Coordinator

Sunil founded Patchwork Alliance based on his farm, Patchwork Urban Farms. An experienced farmer of 15 years, he has learned more and more over the course of his growing career about the flaws in our food system. He founded Patchwork Alliance in an endeavor to utilize a cooperative business model to increase food security and build trusting relationships throughout Western North Carolina, where he has lived since moving from Pittsburgh in 2013. Sunil lives in West Asheville with his dog, Sweety, and in his downtime he enjoys hiking, skiing, and cooking.

Janelle King

Customer Relations Coordinator

Janelle has been a huge supporter of cooperative business since the first time she walked into a worker-owned food co-op in Olympia, Washington in the late ‘90s. Patchwork Alliance makes the third co-op she’s been involved with, and she’s deeply grateful to participate in a project that builds community by decentralizing the supply chain. She handles all things related to customer support for Patchwork Alliance while also raising twin daughters and managing two other businesses of her own: Twin Flower Botanicals and Vertical Pins. She’s proud to have five generations of WNC mountain people in her ancestry.

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Kade Walton

Marketing Coordinator

Kade joined Patchwork Alliance in early 2020 after stumbling by chance into a meeting about food security. After spending that summer working in Distribution, they moved to Marketing in November of 2020. They now manage most of Patchwork Alliance’s social media and outreach. An Asheville native, they grew up first in Leicester and then in Arden before attending the University of North Carolina at Asheville. They love to hike, garden, cook, and write stories. Currently, they live with their partner in West Asheville.

Hannah Jeske

Producer Relations Coordinator

Hannah Jeske moved to Asheville from Wisconsin in 2009 to study Environmental Science at the University of North Carolina at Asheville, where she later went on to obtain a Masters in Environmental & Cultural Sustainability. As a worker-owner in Patchwork Alliance, she helps producers set up and manage their accounts, troubleshoot issues, and optimize their experience in the online market. In addition to this, she also manages an organic vegetable farm and runs an AirBnB out of her home. When she’s not working, she enjoys crafting, gardening, foraging, cooking, and trail-running with her dog, Hazel.

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Roan Roberts

Distribution Coordinator

Roan has a long history of involvement with communal living and working--primarily in trailwork and farm settings. They moved to Asheville in 2019 from Ohio and have since involved themself in numerous paid and voluntary initiatives around town, including both Patchwork Alliance and Syndicate Press, a cooperatively-owned printshop and publisher. As a worker-owner in Patchwork Alliance, Roan coordinates the logistical details of product aggregation, packing, and distribution. They live in a quirky West Asheville house with their eleven-year-old dog Avi, a cat named Jelly, and a rotating cast of four to eight housemates.

Board of Directors

As of January 2021, Janelle, Sunil & Kade comprise the Interim Board of Directors awaiting the election of new members.


Our growing market includes more than fifty different local producers. Visit our Producers page and follow us on social media to meet them!

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Vision | A Shared Plan

Our community understands the urgency and necessity of organized, active and thriving local food systems which are accessible and ethical for people and the environment.


We create significant positive impact for these communities, by helping individual households transition from the current extractive, industrialized economic systems into local foodsheds and production systems.


We extend our values of cooperative organization, regenerative agriculture, and local economic investment throughout our region and create networks of abundant communities.

Innovation | A Shared Strategy

Many gifts of the information age can be refined and repurposed into systems that serve progressive Alternative Economic and Currency Models. 


Patchwork Alliance utilizes Local Food Marketplace software, which contains impressive functionality and personalization that allows for creative thinking about Local Economic Exchange.


Through this software platform, a multi-stakeholder ownership structure with inter-producer, inter-worker, and inter-service-provider trading and

commerce is possible. 


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