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Patchwork is permantly closed after 3 years in operation.  We are so grateful for your participation!


 You don't need to be an Owner to Shop. 

Owners get discounts and Free access to Patchwork Events.

If you become an Owner you'll need to register again in the online market to shop.

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Patchwork Hubs

Introducing Patchwork Hubs

Patchwork Hubs are a way for farmers, producers, neighbors, and communities to work together to make more secure food systems.

Members of Hubs become owners of Patchwork Alliance Cooperative, and receive education, facilitation, tools and resources towards a more secure food system for themselves.

Patchwork offers a holistic structure for communities and producers to organize and empower themselves and each other for a more resilient, self-sufficient food system for themselves.

Form a Hub with Patchwork

Hubs get paid to organize and plug into their Food System

Ready to get started?  Find out more & sign up
Not ready to participate as a hub? 
Consider supporting our producers in 
Patchwork Online Market.

Cooperative Marketplaces --

The Future

Patchwork Online Market is only the first layer of shared marketing Patchwork aims to establish. 

The structure of the business of grocery itself, forces an inventory that is not local, that is in fact, in competition with local makers & producers.

We believe it's key for producers to have Cooperatively owned and managed - Multi-Vendor Groceries, Pop-up Markets that truly serve the community.

When you buy from our producers, you are buying direct.  More of your $ ends up in Producers' hands.

Patchwork Events


We are a Multi-Stakeholder Cooperative

Our aim is to serve as a Platform for a New Food Economy

Our cooperative structure provides modes of

Self-Organization & Access to Power for All.

Learn more

 Patchwork Alliance

Multi-Stakeholder Cooperative

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